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Repair and Maintenance of Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds-Dr.Drape NYC

Constant exposure to inconsistent humidity, dust, and the sun is the enemy of curtains, drapes, and blinds. Cleaning and repairing them extend their beauty and life. Quality curtain, drape, and blind repair services specialize in unique repairs such as automated shades and RV day-night shades.
They can fix the ‘unfixable.’ They have extensive experience in window coverings. Services are available for both commercial and residential customers. Repair service covers various problems that occur when operating window treatments. An experienced team can handle:

•Fabric replacement
•Motorized blind malfunctions
•Operating issues
•Wood material issues
•Other common repairs

Blind Repair

The most common repair of window shades and blinds is restringing. Over time, the material is weakened by the rays of the sun and the blinds or shades malfunction. A professional cleaning and repair service can restring the blinds or shades for you.
Other repairs to blinds and shades include:

•Broken carriers
•Broken cord locks and tilters
•Blind and shade ladders
•Top and bottom headrails.

Curtain and Drape Repair

Professionals also alter and repair curtains and drapes. Quality curtain and drapes last for a long time. They can be repurposed during their lifetime. The drapes and curtains can be shortened, lengthened, and have the panel widths altered.
The lining of drapes is the first buffer between the drapery and the rays of the sun. A new lining is sometimes the only repair needed.


Just like homes and vehicles, the key to protecting the window treatment investment is maintenance. Draperies, blinds, and curtains need to be professionally cleaned from time to time. Technicians provide on-site drapery service.
Customers have their window treatments cleaned in their office or home while the privacy that is relinquished, when drapes are removed, is preserved. Cleaning results for in-plant and on-site cleaning are identical.

Professionals have taken sheer panels and drape off-site and cleaned valances and swags on-site. There was no difference in the quality of the appearance between the two methods. Cleaning window treatments on-site is much like carpet cleaners cleaning upholstery.
Soil extraction is involved. A dry cleaning product is used in most window treatments. Hot water is used on items such as fabric blinds that have:

•Honeycomb shades
•Pleated shades

Nearly all window treatments can be cleaned on-site. The following can conveniently be left in place when cleaning:

•Roman shades
•Honeycomb shades
•Pleated shades

Window treatments cleaned in-plant can be dropped off and picked up at the plant. Cleaning and repair specialists also pick-up, deliver and rehang window treatments for a nominal fee. The nature of the fabric, its age, and exposure to elements like carbon filtration, sunlight, or smoke can affect the level of cleaning. You can expect a potential change from the original state.
Blind Cleaning Specifics
An ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean blinds. Eco-friendly cleaning agents are used to pull cigarette smoke, grease, and dirt from the blinds. All the strings and headrails are also cleaned for a ‘like-new’ appearance. The blinds are rinsed in an anti-static, spot-free solution that helps repel future dust.
If a window treatment is currently damaged or broken, have a repair expert assess the damage before purchasing new window treatments. It is likely; the window treatment can be repaired, saving you both money and time.

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