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How to Clean Silhouettes

How to Clean Silhouettes, Roller Shades, Horizontal and Vertical Blind Although all of these window treatments serve the same purpose, the method of cleaning them varies. Some of these window treatments can be cleaned by wiping them down to remove dust. Others require...

Blinds Repair

Repair and Maintenance of Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds-Dr.Drape NYC Constant exposure to inconsistent humidity, dust, and the sun is the enemy of curtains, drapes, and blinds. Cleaning and repairing them extend their beauty and life. Quality curtain, drape, and blind...

How to Clean Mini Blinds

Mini blinds gather dust like all areas of a home. Cleaning them often is low on the priority list, due to the perception of their trickiness. Dust will harden on blinds exposed to sunlight. Trying to clean individual mini blind slats with a cleaning solution will lead...

What Are Window Treatment Services?

Getting professional help with window treatment Window treatments are a form of personal expression. That does not mean you have to do the work yourself. A company offering window treatment services helps to create a look perfect for your home or business. Crafted...