Drapery Cleaning

We are a professional drapery cleaning team that has been serving the industry for quite a few years. As such, we have developed a lot skills and gained experience in the field. We hire only the best, and so our workers are very capable As such, we offer you quality services and would quickly make your draperies new and shiny again, and that too damaging them in any way.

• High quality team
• Professional team
• Affordable rates
• Environment friendly processes
• No material shrinkages

Why should you hire us?

As already mentioned, we are a professional drapery cleaning team with a lot of experience in the field. No matter what type of draperies you have in your house or how dirty they are, we will be able to clean them effectively. We use specialized equipment for this and advanced cleaning products, which you cannot easily buy on your own. We know which processes work on what type of drapery and how rigorous the session must be for the cleaning to become evident. As such, our results are notable and your draperies become as good as new once we are done with them.
If you clean draperies by yourself, you would not been able to achieve the results that we can. Moreover, you may also damage it beyond repair. So leave this task for the pros only, appoint us for the job, and let us do it for you.

We would also like to add here that we have a large number of clients already. This is an indication of the fact that our customers are satisfied with us, meaning that we provide them with quality cleaning sessions.

Our Process

Though we follow a variety of processes to clean draperies, here is a general look.
We first determine the type of drapes which you have in your house. We study the fabric, color fastness, and the weaves, and accordingly choose a cleaning method. We carry out any of the following treatments as required.

• Particle removal with high efficiency particulate filter or HEPA
• Mold and fungus elimination with ultraviolet light or steam cleaning
• Stain removal

We offer both onsite and offsite cleaning. For the former, the process lasts for a few hours, and for the latter, it will take about a day or two. You can avail any service that you want, and we assure you that we will fulfill all your cleaning needs. Please contact our representatives for more information on our services and quotes. We will gladly you help you out.

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