Roman Shades Care

Roman shades serve as great covers for windows of all sizes and styles. The shades are extremely versatile and available in many fabrics, designs and colors. At times, the backings of the shades are insulated so as to increase their energy efficiency. Some Roman shades also feature a blackout fabric so that you can be provided with complete privacy.
No matter what sort of Roman shades you have, we can provide you with cleaning services tailored to your individual needs. Your shades may be of any style, design, color or fabric; we assure you it will be spotless once we are done with it. And the best thing is that your shades are not damaged at all. After it passes through our cleaning processes, it will be good as new and its quality will be maintained.


Our cleaning sessions are very rigorous and exhibit high quality. We have based all our processes on high class standards and we comply with them at all times. We use exclusive cleaning products and the most advanced equipment and provide you with a very thorough cleaning session. Whether you want allergens removed, stains cleaned, or microorganisms killed, we are here to serve you, and we will do it exactly like you want it to be done.
We offer both onsite and offsite cleaning. The former is accomplished within a few hours and the later takes about a day or two. Both types of cleaning have almost the same features, so it does not matter which package you choose.
All our offered packages are extremely affordable and are available at a fairly low rate when compared with the rest of the market. Our prices are not much, yet we offer you all the features that any costly package would. In fact, we fair better than them in terms of quality and technology.
We assure you that you will not have any complaints with us. In case you do, we will strive to please you until we earn your satisfaction.

What Makes Us Different

    Experience: We have been in the cleaning industry for quite a long time now. We have several years of experience on our belt, and during this time, we have earned a prestigious reputation in the market. We have a large pool of clientele and they all rate us on a very high scale.
    Reliability: We are reliable; we do what we say and we say what we do. For as long as we have been in business, we have earned our customers’ satisfaction and they have great trust in us. In return, we are very loyal to them.
    Proficiency: We are extremely apt in all our services. Our qualified and licensed team ensures that you are provided with an exclusive cleaning session and all your needs are met.
    Affordability: We offer the best rates in the market. We try to charge you as low as possible while providing you with high quality services. So whatever your budget is, we will be suitable for it.

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