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Drapes serve as a great means to decorate a room and make it look more beautiful and appealing. However, if your drapes look dirty or ragged, you would not be able to create the effect that they can have in a room. This is why you should regularly appoint a professional cleaning service so that your drapery looks ever new and ever clean. And this is how we step into the picture.

Thinking of replacing those old and dirty curtains on your bedroom window?

Think again because the costs involved for this are very high. So why do you not just get it professionally cleaned and spend only a fraction of the replacement costs? Is it because you believe the myth that cleaning services just do not work. Well, think again; try us out and you are bound to change your mind. We are a professional drapery cleaning and repair service with years of experience in the field. We can clean, sanitize, deodorize and repair your curtains by using advanced techniques and sophisticated equipment. Whatever service that you want to avail, be it general cleaning or mold treatment, we are here to help you out. All our processes are safe and do not result in shrinkage or color loss. Just sign up for our services, and we ensure you that we will not disappoint you.

Our Specializations

We are experts in cleaning and repairing all varieties of curtains and draperies. No matter what materials your curtains are made from, be it silk, lace or anything else, we will clean it effectively without causing any damages. If there are any signs of fraying or defects, we will also repair that for you. So whether you have exclusively styled curtains with frilly edges hanging in your home or if modestly designed soft curtains cover your windows, we can provide you with expert cleaning and repair services. Your curtains may be filled with dust or may have gotten damaged by water or smoke. Regardless of what the problem, we can easily restore them. Whatever service you choose, when we are done, we are sure you will have nothing to complain about.

Our Processes

We make use of those processes that are based on the latest technologies and utilize the most advanced products. Our methods completely clean and repair your curtains, increasing their total life and providing them the new look that you so desire. Our processes consist of several stages.
Here is an outline of the main steps involved:
  • We perform a full inspection of your curtains and note down all possible issues such as a deep stain or excessive fray.
  • We determine the appropriate methods for cleaning and repair, and then provide you with the details. Once you give us an acknowledgement, we move forward with the rest of the process.
  • We pre-treat all stains so that they can be effectively removed during the cleaning process.
  • If your curtains are made from natural fibers, we dry clean them. And if their material is composed of synthetic fiber, we wash them with mild soap.
  • We repair all seams, tears and rips by using appropriate methods.
  • We replace your curtain accessories if there is a need. These include trim chains, s-hooks and ties.
  • We gave your curtain final inspection and a thorough brush to enhance its appearance.

    Our Advantages
  • Incredible results
  • Affordable rates
  • Qualified team
  • State of the art equipment