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Are you seeking top-tier drapery cleaning services in NYC? Look no further! Say goodbye to the high costs of replacing your draperies and curtains, and opt for our professional cleaning services at a fraction of the price. Don’t believe the misconception that cleaning services are ineffective – let us prove you wrong.

Our experienced team specializes in drapery cleaning and curtain care, utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your fabrics. Whether you require general cleaning or mold treatment, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, our processes are safe and guarantee no shrinkage or color loss.

When you choose our services, satisfaction is guaranteed. Trust in our professional team with years of industry expertise to rejuvenate your draperies without any damage. Our skilled workers are dedicated to providing quality services that will leave your draperies looking fresh and new.

– Drapery cleaning
– Sanitization
– Deodorization
– Mold treatment
– No shrinkage or color loss

– High-quality team
– Professional service
– Affordable rates
– Environmentally friendly processes
– No material shrinkages

And as an added bonus, we also offer blinds installation services. Experience the difference with our premium drapery cleaning services in NYC – contact us today to schedule your appointment!


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Our Specializations

We are experts in cleaning all varieties of curtains and draperies. No matter what materials your curtains are made from, be it silk, lace or anything else, we will clean it effectively without causing any damages. If there are any signs of fraying or defects, we will also repair that for you.

So whether you have exclusively styled curtains with frilly edges hanging in your home or if modestly designed soft curtains cover your windows, we can provide you with expert cleaning and stain removal services. Your curtains may be filled with dust or may have gotten damaged by water or smoke. Regardless of what the problem, we can easily restore them.
Whatever service you choose, when we are done, we are sure you will have nothing to complain about.

Our Processes

We make use of those processes that are based on the latest technologies and utilize the most advanced products. Our methods completely clean and organic, increasing their total life and providing them the new look that you so desire.

Our processes consist of several stages.

Here is an outline of the main steps involved:

    • We perform a full inspection of your curtains and note down all possible issues such as a deep stain or excessive fray.
    • We determine the appropriate methods for cleaning and then provide you with the details. Once you give us an acknowledgement, we move forward with the rest of the process.
    • We pre-treat all stains so that they can be effectively removed during the cleaning process.

If your curtains are made from natural fibers, we dry clean them. And if their material is composed of synthetic fiber, we wash them with mild soap.


  • We offer free estimate on site, pickup & delivery.
  • We gave your curtain final inspection and a thorough brush to enhance its appearance.

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Incredible results

Affordable rates

Qualified team

State of the art equipment

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Why should you hire us?

As already mentioned, we are a professional drapery cleaning team with a lot of experience in the field. No matter what type of draperies you have in your house or how dirty they are, we will be able to clean them effectively. We use specialized equipment for this and advanced cleaning products, which you cannot easily buy on your own. We know which processes work on what type of drapery and how rigorous the session must be for the cleaning to become evident. As such, our results are notable and your draperies become as good as new once we are done with them.
If you clean draperies by yourself, you would not been able to achieve the results that we can. Moreover, you may also damage it beyond repair. So leave this task for the pros only, appoint us for the job, and let us do it for you.

We would also like to add here that we have a large number of clients already. This is an indication of the fact that our customers are satisfied with us, meaning that we provide them with quality cleaning sessions.

Our Process

Though we follow a variety of processes to clean draperies, here is a general look.
We first determine the type of drapes which you have in your house. We study the fabric, color fastness, and the weaves, and accordingly choose a cleaning method. We carry out any of the following treatments as required.

• Particle removal with high efficiency particulate filter or HEPA
• Mold and fungus elimination with ultraviolet light or steam cleaning
• Stain removal

We offer both onsite and offsite cleaning. For the former, the process lasts for a few hours, and for the latter, it will take about a day or two. You can avail any service that you want, and we assure you that we will fulfill all your cleaning needs. Please contact our representatives for more information on our services and quotes. We will gladly you help you out.

Curtains add more to the beauty and elegance of a room. Choose great colors that go with your walls and furniture, and the result is nothing short of exclusiveness, appealing to every eye that is set on it. While you can use any sort of curtains, silk curtains have the most stunning effect.

Silk curtains can beautify any room, but that is only as long as they appear clean and spotless. If there is dirt on them or stains appear here and there, the impact will be just the opposite, and your room will appear unclean and un maintained. This is just why you should regularly get your silk curtains cleaned, and that is what we are here for.

There are many people out there who try do-it-yourself cleaning methods, but we highly discourage these. The cleaning of silk curtains requires great care, and even a slight mistake can damage them beyond repair. This is why you should never try to clean them yourself. Instead, seek help from a pro so the quality of your curtains is maintained while the cleaning is also effective and thorough.

Though there are many cleaning businesses in the region, you should always appoint a reputed company like us. We assure that we will provide you with the highest quality. We use the best products in the market and the most advanced equipment which makes our services preferred by a large number of individuals.

Our Methods

We specialize in both steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Though there are many cleaning techniques, not all of them can be used for silk curtains. So we ensure that we are choosing the right methods which would not damage your curtains in any way.

We first conduct a thorough inspection of your curtains and observe all the stains. We determine the best possible ways to clean them, and then we set about the task.

What Makes Us Different?

Core Values: We primarily focus on the quality of our offered services. We realize that your possessions are very important to you and so we ensure that our processes do not spoil them in the least bit.
Team: Our team is our most important asset and the prime reason we have reached the position that we have today. Without them, there is no way that we could have progressed this far. Our employees are all extremely qualified with years of experience. They have both the skills and the knowledge that are required to make your silk curtains shine like new.
Perfection: We aim at excellence in all our services. We provide you with the highest levels of quality and we strive to achieve your satisfaction. Until you give us the green signal, we will keep on serving you.
Promise: We have earned a great reputation in the market. We deliver quality and this is why we have gained trust from all our clients. They are all aware that we heed to whatever we say, and this is just why they have formed lasting relationships with us.